Silje Kamille Friis (SKF) is a researcher and lecturer at Design School Kolding in Denmark. She is deeply invested in the question of how to create transformation across diversity. The research of SKF is largely conducted within the cross-disciplinary fields of design thinking, creativity and innovation. In work life SKF has engaged closely with professional practice, firstly as a designer at the toy company LEGO, later as a consultant to private and public organisations. SKF holds that ‘consciousness’ is a central aspect of the education of designers – becoming conscious of individual approaches, competencies, perspectives, and preferences to enable communication, facilitation, and the inclusion of diversity in transformation work. The notion is investigated in the Ph.D. thesis ‘Conscious Design Practice as a Strategic Tool’ (2007), and runs through subsequent articles: ‘Developing Creative Competencies’ (2012), ‘Conflict as a Driver for Creative Teamwork’ (2014), The 5C Model (2014), and ‘The Co-Creation Cards’ (2015). At present SKF is engaged in the investigation of design agency in individuals, teams, and communities exploring the roles of the designer as communicator, facilitator, initiator and leader of transformation work.